More than 16 million Americans suffer from depression, and it continues to be one of the most common mental health problems in the United States. Meanwhile, oral antidepressant pills are typically the first line of defense for many sufferers, some individuals with depression experience uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous side effects from these prescription drugs. An increasing number of patients don’t respond at all or stop responding over time. More than 33% of patients are labeled (or their condition is labeled) as treatment-resistant, meaning they have undergone adequate trials of two or more medications with insufficient response.

More and more people need alternative solutions now, such as ketamine infusion therapy. While many have heard of ketamine treatment, this common question persists: “Does ketamine treatment work?” Fortunately, Ketamine Infusions not only work to treat depression and other mental health conditions, but they work faster, better, and safer than the alternative options. There are more than 70 completed clinical research papers that prove the efficacy of ketamine for mental health conditions. Ketamine Therapy is a viable treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD, suicidality, and other mental health conditions.

Most clinicians are administering ketamine to patients intravenously (IV) since the IV route of administration (ROA) is the safest, most effective way to treat depression and other mood disorders. This article discusses some of the important differences in ROAs and why IV infusions are the best for ketamine for depression.

Ketamine Infusion For Depression

So, how does ketamine work for depression? Many important processes occur on a neurochemical level and a psychological level. Neurochemically, ketamine is an NMDA-receptor antagonist and by blocking this receptor in the brain, it triggers an increase in glutamate, a key neurotransmitter. Ketamine also increases neuroplasticity, helping new, healthy connections form in the brain. Psychologically, ketamine helps patients to visit what would normally be painful memories without the pain, enabling the opportunity to think about them in new ways and heal from them. Ketamine infusion for depression can provide patients with a unique perspective on themselves, allowing growth and healing to occur.

Unlike many antidepressant pills that can take 4-6 weeks to take any effect or only improve symptoms short-term, Ketamine Therapy is regarded as a medicine that produces positive effects rapidly, usually from hours to days, and also provides relief from symptoms for months or longer.

Is Ketamine Infusion For Depression Worth It?

With so many patients suffering from mood disorders and receiving little to no relief, ketamine infusion for depression and anxiety disorder treatment is worth it. There are no long-term side effects and the short term is minimal; nausea, dizziness, and fatigue occur in about 10% of cases on the day of treatment and typically subside after a full night of sleep. Treatment is highly effective, with over 80% success rate at KCLA. Treatment usually works from hours to days.


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